Granting Unserved Municipalities Broadband Opportunities

The GUMBO grant program aims to help applicants facilitate the deployment of broadband service to unserved areas of the state.

Click here to see round 1 award amounts and locations.

UPDATE: Supplemental GUMBO Application Round - March 1, 2023 - March 31, 2023. A shortened round for a specific project area will open for the month of March. If a provider wishes to participate in this supplemental application period as an applicant, please create an account below and contact ConnectLA via the email listed below to receive supporting documentation specific to the locations eligible for application.


This portal facilitates application and protest acceptance by ConnectLA. Applicants or protestors who have not previously done so should set up an account below for identity verification. Once verified by ConnectLA, the applicant or protestant will be able to access the portal. There are a few items to keep in mind as you are using the portal:

  1. Save your details  Click the save button at the bottom of the screen periodically to ensure information is not lost. Additionally, saving will automatically occur when you switch to a new tab.
  2. Upload supporting documentation  Upload the details pertaining to your project where required. There are sections where redacted files can be provided for the public release of applications. Please keep in mind that redacted content are subject to review and approval based on public records laws.
  3. Import records for specific tables  There are some sections that require specific details are entered in table format. A .CSV template may be downloaded at each of these sections to assist you in organizing data for upload. As a note, do not change the column headers or order of the columns.
Applicants should use the following links for details on the grant program and portal:
Applicants can visit for more information. Any questions about the grant program should be directed to or 225.342.6640. Technical questions involving the portal (access, error messages, etc.) should be directed to


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